FLOWpresso™ is a sensory system that delivers a three-therapy approach, which helps with stress, fatigue and sleep, to restore balance and cultivate health.

Why Work With Us

We work with people seeking to restore their health & well-being as well as those looking to find an edge in business, sport & life.
We use the latest science & research backed therapies and our team has the experience you need to transform your health & well-being.


Stimulates the body to release the toxins from your system.

Far Infrared

Encourages a relaxing, sleep-promoting effect.

Deep Pressure

Calms the body and the mind to help you cope & relax.

Our Therapies

We offer a range of therapies to not only restore your health & well-being but to give you an edge in your performance.

Available Now


FLOWpresso™ is a three-therapy compression suit that helps to repair, rejuvenate and recover your health and well-being.

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Our hypnosis therapies complement our work with FLOWpresso™. Register your interest to find out more.

We use the latest science & research backed therapies and our team has the experience you need to transform your health & well-being.


Our Team

The Mind Body Flow team has years of clinical & health research experience.

FLOWpresso™ Practitioner

Karen Slacke

“40 Minutes with FLOWpresso™ allows me to achieve the body relaxation and peace of mind that has taken me years with other methods.”

FLOWpresso™ Technician

David Slacke

“I am committed to supporting people to find their peak performance through the work we do with FLOWpresso™ & other therapies.”

Our Inspiration

Flow, You Must

Flow is a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual State. Flow is a state where you enter perfect immersion fuelled by energised focus, and you experience a feeling of deep enjoyment as you move through an activity. This is a kind of state that will have you creating your best work. Your greatest masterpieces will come from this.
Ajit Nawalkhas
Author of Live Big

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Christmas / New Year Special

Give them the gift of letting go of the stresses of 2020 and starting 2021 in a relaxed, rejuvenated, and de-stressed state of mind.

We have specially priced pre Christmas vouchers for 1 or more treatments.

Normally $125 per session
Special Pricing
  • 1 x session voucher $95 (save 24%)
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  • 3 x session voucher $240 (save 36%)

To secure your vouchers, email us at – booking@mindbodyflow.co.nz or call us on 022 438 6040

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