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FLOWpresso™ is a sensory system that delivers a three-therapy approach, which helps with stress, fatigue and sleep, to improve your health and well-being.

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I would like to commend the team from FLOWpresso for the ability to support members that I work alongside of. Giving them the experience to bring sense and understanding to how their bodies hold so much “experience” but have not always had a toolkit to release and restore. Now they have! Many of the staff have feedback the change in their relationship with themselves/families and their energy and feel much more positive at work. It’s truly given individuals permission to find stillness in their otherwise unpredictable day.
Jenni-Lee Reardon
Bay of Plenty
FLOWpresso is a game changer in terms of one’s ability to recover both mentally and physically. As a shift worker I often had broken or irregular sleep patterns. While I had no issue getting to sleep, I often had difficulty staying asleep for a period that would equate to an adequate sleep. Over the years, this became the accepted ‘normal’. My introduction to FLOWpresso had a near immediate impact on my ability to get a long and uninterrupted sleep which has had an impact on my health. I feel I have more energy, a better ability to ‘reset’ and recover from stress (mental and physical) which makes me more productive in my professional and personal life.
New Zealand
I am a self-employed businessman, who over the period of COVID, started to struggle with my sleep and felt stressed as my workload increased significantly over this period. I now sleep all night and have a sense of peace I have not had for a long time.
Businessman, New Zealand
2020 was a tough year for all, for me it was a little extra tough with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. This meant surgery, 12 weeks of chemotherapy, 15 radiation sessions and some ongoing maintenance chemo for a few months... When I discovered the Flowpresso just after I finished radiation I thought that it was totally worth a go. Even just having some time to myself to shut off and not think about all the life pressures, cancer stuff and decisions I needed to make for next steps. I was totally blessed by this treatment - I found that it helped restore some precious energy to my mind and body and looked forward to my time the following week. Recovery continues, energy is still at a premium as all cancer treatments have finished for me for now and I consider the Flowpresso an important part of my recovery for my mind and my body. Can't wait for my next session.

Karen and David are so warm and wonderful with such professionalism and caring I can't speak highly enough of the entire experience.
Just a woman living life
Flowpresso returned to me the energy I didn’t realise I was missing. One session, and I had my house in order a few days later. On reflection, I realised I had not had the energy prior and am so grateful that three sessions later I felt really restored.
New Zealand
I’d been struggling with the symptoms of premature ovarian failure - hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, three missed cycles. Six days after my first session I realised I hadn’t had a hot flush since the treatment. The fatigue eased up and after three session my period returned. I was sincerely shocked, amazed and very excited. So pleased to have found this nerve calming, system resetting, energy restoring gift - Flowpresso.
29 year old Soon to be Mum (August 2021)

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Get Up To 36% Off Our Therapies

Normally $125 per session
Special Pricing
  • 1 x session voucher $95 (save 24%)
  • 2 x session voucher $170 (save 32%)
  • 3 x session voucher $240 (save 36%)

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Special Offer - Get Up To 36% Off Our FLOWpresso Therapies