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We're on a mission to help you be your best self.

The Mind Body Flow team has years of clinical & health research experience.

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We have decades of experience in providing health & well-being support. We have partnered with the founder & team behind FLOWpresso™ to keep us at the forefront of our service. 

FLOWpresso™ Practitioner

Karen Slacke

I was very excited to meet with Desiree De Spong whose clinical research into Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, Fatigue, Sleep deprivation and Stress led to the design and build of the FLOWpresso suit. As a Registered General Nurse in the UK for 18 years, I knew all the theory behind the three therapies in the Flowpresso™ suit, however, had never seen a product combine all three. I found that the Flowpresso™ concept resonated with my health journey.

In 2007, I emigrated to New Zealand with my husband and two young children (one and eight years old). By 2017 I discovered I was living with undiagnosed Lipedema, my weight had slowly increased to 126kg and I was living in a painfully inflamed and swollen body. It dawned on me I was facilitating everyones lives around me but failing to put my self-care as a priority. It was then I committed to taking control of my health, this enabled me to let go of 50kg in 14 months. I realised that by recognising how stressed I had been, I then could work on reducing the stress, this in turn improved my sleep, which gave me the energy and clarity to push towards my health goal. Only then could I successfully put into practise all I that knew about a healthy lifestyle.

I find that having 40 Minutes in the FLOWpresso™ suit allows me to achieve the body relaxation and peace of mind that has taken me years of practice using other methods.

FLOWpresso™ Technician

David Slacke

David has over 30 years’ experience as an IT Service Delivery Manager / Project Manager in senior client facing roles with multinational organisations. David has always been very interested in the science behind personal development change and personal wellness. David is a qualified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (INLPTA), Kinetic Shift Practitioner (UK Hypnosis Academy) and is currently in the process of completing his Clinical Hypnosis qualification.

Our Inspiration

Flow, You Must

Flow is a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual State. Flow is a state where you enter perfect immersion fuelled by energised focus, and you experience a feeling of deep enjoyment as you move through an activity. This is a kind of state that will have you creating your best work. Your greatest masterpieces will come from this.
Ajit Nawalkhas
Author of Live Big

Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinics are available on the North Shore & on the Hibiscus Coast.

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40 minutes or children under 14 is 25 minutes.

We recommend a minimum of three days between each session, and on average one session per week.

This will depend on the person and their reason for having FLOWpresso™ sessions.  Our recommendation for someone is to have a minimum of three sessions, one per week.

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Normally $125 per session
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  • 3 x session voucher $240 (save 36%)

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Get Up To 36% Off Our Therapies

Normally $125 per session
Special Pricing
  • 1 x session voucher $95 (save 24%)
  • 2 x session voucher $170 (save 32%)
  • 3 x session voucher $240 (save 36%)

To secure your vouchers, email us at – booking@mindbodyflow.co.nz or call us on 022 438 6040

Special Offer - Get Up To 36% Off Our FLOWpresso Therapies